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WATCH: Sightline LNG Video

Were you there for the Sightline Institute LNG presentation?

No? Here’s your chance to watch this can’t-miss lecture!


Tarika Powell LNG LectureSightline’s Tarika Powell shared her LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) research with a full house at St. Matthew Episcopal Church on June 9. Fr. Kendall Haynes was kind enough to upload the videos of the presentation as well as the question and answer session to the church’s website. Tarika got a standing ovation for her eye-opening talk where she offered easy to understand information about LNG processing and details about the project proposed for the Port of Tacoma. She also pointed out inconsistencies in Puget Sound Energy’s promotion of the project and raised important questions PSE has yet to answer.

This talk is important. It matters because Tacoma matters. The safety and environmental issues surrounding the proposed LNG project would affect Tacoma and her surrounding communities, Puget Sound, and ultimately our warming planet. We hope you’ll watch the videos then engage with your community. RedLine Tacoma offers education and action opportunities to help you make your voice heard. #NOLNG253