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Send your LNG SEIS letter today!

RLT_noLNGMake a difference in the fight against the proposed LNG facility for the Port of Tacoma today. Tell the City of Tacoma that it is critical that it opens a Supplemental Environmental Impact Study (SEIS) now. An SEIS will give citizens an opportunity to engage in the review process for this facility after changes to the original proposal.

Below is a sample letter. Take it and make it your own, substitute your own contact information at the end, then email it to Shirley Schultz, the principal planner assigned to this project.

The people of Tacoma mobilized and united to fight the proposed methanol refinery. NWIW withdrew that proposal. The voice of the people can see to it that the same happens with the Puget Sound Energy LNG proposal. 

Send your letter today.



Shirley Schultz
Principal Planner
City of Tacoma Planning and Development Services Department
3747 Market Street, Room 345
Tacoma, WA 98402

Dear Ms. Schultz:

It is imperative that a supplemental EIS (SEIS) be opened for Puget Sound Energy’s proposed $275 million liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility planned for the Port of Tacoma.

The plan for the LNG project has changed substantially since PSE submitted its proposal and the City of Tacoma conducted the initial EIS. It is important that citizens have an opportunity to evaluate and comment on these issues not addressed in the EIS: 

  • PSE will now use the Blair Waterway instead of the Hylebos.
  • Truck traffic will increase due to PSE’s evolving transport plans.
  • Arrangements to reopen the fire station in the port may not be feasible for long-term operation.
  • Safety regarding the 8 million gallon LNG production, distribution and storage facility has not been released due to lawsuits pushed by PSE to keep the information secret from the public.

These changes pose new risks and will have their own environmental impacts that merit proper assessment.

I am asking The City of Tacoma, as the lead agency in the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), to suspend all permitting processes, including demolition permits, until the above issues can be addressed and resolved.

Please keep me apprised of new developments.

Thank you for your consideration,

(Email Address)