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Methanol Scoping Meeting: Feb. 10

  Speak up, wear red, and ask tough questions! Make your voice heard at the public scoping meeting for the proposed methanol refinery on Feb. 10 at the Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center, 1500 Broadway! Doors open for signup at 5 p.m. Speakers will be called beginning at 6:30 in the order they register, so show up early!

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Sierra Club shares methanol information at Healthy Living Expo

Our friends from the Sierra Club shared lots of information at today’s Healthy Living Expo in Tacoma. Amidst all of the flyers and brochures about the club, events and protecting the environment were “NO MORE OIL” posters and our Red Line Tacoma flyer about the proposed methanol plant. We are truly grateful for their voice in this issue. And check out those “No Methanol Refinery” buttons. You can pick up your own at the next public scoping meeting on Feb. 10 at

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Scoping Process

Complete details on the scoping process and Environmental Impact Statement is available on the Department of Ecology’s website. The Scoping Process—Dept. of Ecology An environmental impact statement (EIS) is prepared when the lead agency has determined a proposal is likely to result in significant adverse environmental impacts (see section on how to Assess Significance). The EIS process is a tool for identifying and analyzing probable adverse environmental impacts, reasonable alternatives, and possible mitigation. -Department of Ecology, State of Washington Scoping is the first

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Methanol Refinery Risks

WA Natural Hazards Viewer Application—Department of Natural Resources This is an interactive way to view the site hazards relevant to the Port of Tacoma. Here are some examples of maps adapted from the DNR’s screenshot download feature: Liquefaction Suceptibility “Liquefaction is a phenomenon where saturated sand and silt take on the characteristics of a liquid during the intense shaking of an earthquake. The highest hazard areas are concentrated in regions of man-made landfill, especially fill that was placed many decades

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