Tacoma Neighborhood Councils

Which Neighborhood Council is YOUR Neighborhood Council?

Find out from the City of Tacoma.



Then attend your next meeting and talk with your neighbors about the proposed methanol refinery. Some Neighborhood Councils are in the process of drafting resolutions against the refinery, while others are still struggling to get the subject on their meeting agendas so their voices can be heard. Neighborhood Council meetings are listed on the RedLine Tacoma events calendar.

Tacoma Neighborhood Council Websites:

Tacoma Central Neighborhood Council
Eastside Neighborhood Council
New Tacoma Neighborhood Council
North End Neighborhood Council
Northeast Tacoma Neighborhood Council
South End Neighborhood Council
South Tacoma Neighborhood Council
West End Neighborhood Council

From the City of Tacoma’s website:

In 1992, the City Council established Tacoma’s eight Neighborhood Councils to advise them on issues of local importance and to seek consensus among residents on specific plans of action. The Neighborhood Councils also undertake a wide range of neighborhood improvements in collaboration with staff from the City of Tacoma and other agencies. …

Each Neighborhood Council serves as an independent, non-profit citizen organization to promote citizen-based efforts for neighborhood improvement.


Tacoma Neighborhood Council Meeting Information

Click here to download your own PDF meeting schedule from the City of Tacoma.