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Halfsheet NO LNG Flyer

RedLine Tacoma LNG 4-Page Flyer–April 2017

Tacoma LNG Fire Protection Evaluation

Complete Siting Report (Tacoma LNG)

Fight it like it’s methanol sign — 11 x 17

Fight it like it’s methanol sign — Letter

LNG Halfsheet Flyer to Print & Share

PAPER: United States LNG Terminal Safe-Siting Policy Is Faulty

What Wilma Subra says about LNG safety:

REPORT: Wilma Subra – Puget Sound Energy Liquified Natural Gas

Followup Answers: LNG Emissions: Wilma Subra

BIO: Wilma Subra

LNG and Fracking Flyer

RedLine Tacoma Flyer

RedLine Tacoma Mini Flyer (4 per sheet)

Wilma Subra Report on NWIW Methanol Plants

Port of Tacoma Property Lease to NWIW, LLC

Environmental Impact Statement Draft Scope of Work – February 5, 2015

Methanol EIS Draft Scoping Report (Appendix) – February 5, 2016

Scoping Comment Form (Microsoft Word)

Scoping Comment Form (PDF)

Methanol Issue Information Letter for Your Neighbors (Microsoft Word)

Methanol Issue Information Letter for Your Neighbors (PDF)

Updated NWIW Scoping Notice (City of Tacoma) – January 27, 2016

Environmental Health Risks And Housing Values Report

NOAA Tsunami Hazard Mapping Project: Tacoma

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