Ally Form

RedLine Tacoma opposes NWIW’s proposal to build a methanol refinery in the tideflats and is building and mobilizing to alert and educate the public.

Identifying and Building Allies:

We are fighting to send a powerful, unified message to the community. The more allies RedLine Tacoma has in opposing the proposed methanol refinery, through individual participation, group support or companies and elected officials, the more likely we are to be successful in voicing our concerns about the issue.


Allies are important because we can accomplish more together
than we could ever hope to achieve working alone.


May RedLine list you as an official ally?

If so, we will list your name on the “ally page” of our website:  If you would like to include a statement against the methanol refinery, please paste it in the form below.  Also, please include your website so we can link to it from the ally page. You may send a copy of your logo to redlinetacoma [at] gmail [dot] com if you wish for it to appear.