Allies and partners against the Tacoma methanol refinery

Thank you to the many individuals and groups working to block the construction of the world’s largest methanol refinery in the Port of Tacoma. Tacoma needs advocates, and advocates are coming forward all over the city and beyond. We will be adding formal resolutions against the refinery as they are released. (To respect the groups and messages listed here, please contact organizations directly to ask permission before posting their text elsewhere. Thank you.)


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Sierra Club Tatoosh Group (Pierce County)

sierraclub-logoThe Tatoosh group serves all of Pierce County with its multiple municipalities including Tacoma and represents close to 1300 members residing in Pierce County. The group sponsors community presentations on environmental topics. We are active in state, local and national elections. Our Ivy League does ongoing work to remove invasive plant species from local parks. You can read about these and other activities in our newsletter, “The Rainier Review”. Sierra Club Tatoosh Group website


Mom’s Across America

Moms Across America supports RedLine Tacoma in the fight against the proposed methanol refinery

Moms Across America supports the efforts of Redline Tacoma to eliminate toxic chemical exposure to our children and our environment.


Cody Raymond, Tacoma Musician

Cody RaymondTacoma holds a special place in my heart. I began my career here. The community has been so gracious and loving. The culture here is unlike any I’ve experience on the East or West coast. I call Tacoma my home and Northwest Innovation Works and its Methanol Refinery is now jeopardizing Tacoma and its culture. Our home. In exchange for 200 jobs, our air quality degrades, our water, and our health and safety. We need to focus on the longevity of our home and its environment, rather than trade it for money and job security.


South Sound Jobs with Justice

South Sound Jobs with Justice on Facebook


Terra Organics

Terra OrganicsThe proposed methanol plant is a dirty reminder of the legacy of industrial pollution in the Port of Tacoma and the short-sightedness of industrial development based on today’s profit at the cost of future cleanup expenses. The construction of a new facility based on our old energy paradigm of an endless supply of non-renewable sources is a step back in time. And as water becomes a more limited resource into the future, we need to save Tacoma water now by opposing this plant.


Backbone Campaign

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Backbone Campaign website

BackbonBanner20151014B2Backbone provides creative strategies, artful action support, and convenes training opportunities for change agents across the United States. Our purpose is to accelerate the growth of a social movement powerful enough to manifest a world where life, community, nature and our obligations to future generations are NOT for sale, but honored as sacred.


Faculty – University of Puget Sound

At the monthly faculty meeting held February 9, 2016, the assembled faculty of the University of Puget Sound voted to approve the following resolution:

“Regarding the natural gas-to-methanol refinery proposed by NW Innovation Works in the Port of Tacoma,

whereas the proposed refinery poses a grave and perpetual threat to the health of the University of Puget Sound and Tacoma communities, to student recruitment and retention, and to the area environment, and

whereas such a facility is inherently dangerous because of the storage of large amounts of methanol and natural gas, and

whereas we believe that no changes or revisions to the proposal can make the proposal acceptable, then be it resolved that:

The faculty of the University of Puget Sound strongly oppose the construction of the natural gas-to-methanol refinery proposed by NW Innovation Works in the Port of Tacoma.”


Girl Trouble

Tacoma is our hometown. We were born here, raised here, live here and play here. When we formed our rock and roll band Girl Trouble, 32 years ago, there was never a question about moving away to a city with a “brighter future”. This was our future. In all of our travels and touring, playing hundreds of cities, we’ve always known where home was – Tacoma. That will never change.

We remember what Tacoma was like back in the day, when it really was a “grit city”, when people called it “the Armpit of the Northwest”, when there was an Aroma of Tacoma. People of this city worked hard to clean up our act. We no longer want to be the butt of the joke, the NW dumping ground.

Girl Trouble stands with the people of our city and RedLine Tacoma, who refuse to allow greedy overseas corporations and short-sighted politicians to drag us back into the past. After all the work and effort it took to clean up Tacoma, building the world’s largest methanol plant (and all it involves) is what we in Girl Trouble call batshit crazy.

In the ongoing fight to stop this madness – COUNT US IN!

“We live in Tacoma and we’re proud to say it’s our hometown!”


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